Clare's Story

My Story 1

I have been looking after my two year old son as a single mum and I don't have much time for myself or to even start thinking about looking for work.

Recently my benefit was delayed due to me moving house and I didn't know what to do, I didn't have enough money to get my food shop and my fridge was broken. My Lone Parent adviser put me in touch with the Family Skills project. I met with my Family Skills Engagement Worker who came to my home to meet with me. She supported me with an Eat Sleep Learn Play application and I was successful in getting a new fridge as well as a new bed for my little boy. As I had no money for food and had to wait a week for my next benefit payment my Engagement Worker was able to give me a food bank voucher so that we could get enough food for the week.

Having sorted out these problems I have now started thinking about my future.

Before I had my little boy I worked in retail and when he starts nursery I'd like to go back in to a similar job. I feel like its been ages since I had a job and I'm quite nervous about going back, I feel like I've forgotten everything. When I spoke to my Engagement Worker I felt happy because she was able to come and meet me in a coffee shop near me and we discussed some of my worries. She reassured me by explaining that I could do some courses with Family Skills to help me feel more confident about going back to work.